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I have always felt the force of spirit around me but while growing up this force unnerved and terrified me. I pushed back and for the majority of my life rejected my connection to the world beyond the veil. Shortly after I married and had my three children I was involved in a car accident and came closer to the beyond than I had yet to reach. My spirit guide who walked me through the ether during my recovery was my late cousin Timothy and what I experienced changed and enlightened me. Finally opening my eyes and embracing my connection to the spirit world I discovered profound love, guidance and peace. The sights I witnessed and the wonders Timothy helped me see have changed my life in a monumental way. I took the messages Timothy gave me while conversing with him in the spirit realm to his family, the specific detail I provided consoled them and relieved any guilt or anxiety they had related to his passing. Timothy remains a member of my spiritual group of guides to this day.

Since this transformation I have come to embrace my gift, my connection with the spirits around us and seek to, through my talent bring others together and help them embrace their connection with their friends and family in spirit.

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