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Mediumship Services


* Jen is a founding member of this select & great group of Mediums and Psychics.

* MAP conducts: Private one-on-one half hour Readings,

                            : Podium Demonstrations.                           

        : Special Events Mini Markets.

* The Private Readings are once a month on a Friday evening, with Events three times per year.


We offer our services on this evening at a very reduced rate so those who have difficulty paying a premium price will get a chance to have a quality Reading. Also, for those who have never been to a Medium this is an inexpensive way to have an enlightening experience.


Option #1: A half hour Reading with one of our advanced MAP Mediums or Psychics for $40.00.                               




 Option #2: Get two, yes two 10-15 minute readings from two of our trainees at an even more reduced rate {with the understanding that they are learning to connect with your spirit family at the time of the Reading}.

For the cost of $25.00


MAP promotes the growth of Intermediate Level Psychics and  Mediums through our Hands-on Mentor-ship Program.


*  Please call Jen 1-403-597-2630 or email

All Map events run from 7:00 -9:00pm.

By appointment only as spaces are limited.


Dates for the year are:

March 23rd.

    April 20th

May 25th
June 22nd
September 21st

October 19th

November 16th

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