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Mediumship Services

Spiritual Mediumship Reading

Readings are from the use of one of three oracle card decks. The choice of deck is up to the participant as  Jen uses a Celtic cross spread when doing her readings. She incorporates the use of a note pad when channeling spirit if appropriate.

Mediumship Parties with individual readings

Psychic /Mediumship parties are in private homes and hosted by the home owner.  The Psychic/Medium “shows up to bring spirit through individually to each person”. The Medium takes each person into a private room and gives a 15 minute reading. These short readings are done while the group socializes with their Host.

Mediumship Parties with group participation

Psychic /Mediumship parties are in private homes and hosted by the home owner.  The Psychic/Medium, “shows up to bring spirit through in a group setting to each person”. These parties are a lot of fun and run approx 2 hrs with a short break in between. The group sits in a living room and the Medium goes to each person and brings spirit through. Because this is a fun event you may get up and leave the room to stretch your legs or indulge in the hosts' food/buffet spread. You are not limited to “just sitting there” to wait for your turn. This is a fun filled evening especially if the group are all great friends and know each other’s personality

Corporate events

Corporate Event Psychic Party: Option  A:

Two Mediums circulate at the party giving readings.


Option B:

Two Psychic Mediums up on a Podium giving a demonstration and connecting with the group’s individuals to bring in messages

Tea Leaf Reading

In person or by phone .

Divining by the cup to connect with Spirit