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Testimonials from Jen's readings


Sue- Calgary, AB
Thank you so much for the reading today Jen. I feel great knowing that my loved ones are near me and I can talk to them anytime. It was especially lovely hearing from my grandfather today.  I am including a picture of him as well. ❤ 
It was nice to have some great advice from Spirit regarding my life path as well. 
I liked how you told me which signs to watch for. I will definitely be watching. 😊
Thanks again
Bonnie - Calgary, AB

A number of years ago I had a psychic party and Jenna was one of the readers.   I had agreed to have the party as I had previously met Jenna at a mediumship course, and I instantly felt a connection with her.  I trusted her  and knew she would give out information that was true and correct.  

Well, the party was so much fun and the readings were absolutely amazing.   I had six people attend and they were all blown away by the readers.   They were funny, attentive, and gave so much information to everyone.   Everyone received messages and no one was left out.  It was an awesome experience for all!

On a personal note, Jenna is a wonderful human being with a very generous nature.   She would absolutely give her best to anyone and I would highly recommend her if you want to connect with the other side.  I am truly blessed to have met her and appreciate her guidance and encouragement in the belief that “this is not all there is”.   

Darlene - Calgary, AB

I am writing this letter of Testimonial as I would like to share my experiences with Jen Beatson King the Spiritual Medium that I have had readings with over the past 3 ½ years. The first time I met Jen for a reading I was skeptical before the reading; she looked at me and saw two men in Spirit, one by my left shoulder and the other man by my right shoulder. One of the men was my husband “Earl” and the other man was my cousin “Dale”. Both had significant messages they wanted to tell me and had waited a long time to find someone (a Spiritual Medium) who could bring them through from the Spirit world to speak with me.

Jen described “Earl” to the “tee”, approx 5’ 10”, salt & pepper thick hair, slim built, there was a Log Cabin in the back ground and a Springer Spaniel next to him. His message was that he wanted me to know he wished he had listened to me when I kept begging him for approx 10 years to go and get a colonoscopy test. I felt he had cancer because of his skin coloring and he was very tired with stomach problems. His Dr refused to run tests and in the end Earl passed away of Stomach Cancer. His surgeon asked him why he had never had tests in the past 10-11 years because it looked like that’s how long Earl had the Cancer Tumors in his stomach.  From the Spirit world  Earl said he might be alive today had he listened to me and not his Dr. Earl also said that no matter what happens when it is time to go it is time to go and thanked me for trying to keep him healthy. His final comment was for me to listen to my intuition as it will always lead me in the right direction.

Jen asked Earl to step aside because the other young man “Dale” wanted to now come through to give me a message. This man she described as a little more stocky about 5’8”, brown receding hairline, full head of hair, was a cousin and a close cousin who spent a lot of time with me which was right on.  Jen said he had passed away, not quite middle aged about 40 years old. Jen held her chest explaining that meant that Dale had passed away with heart related issues. Dale passed away of a heart related Aneurysm. Dale wanted to tell me, his sister and brothers that he was actually happier than any of us would have imagined as there was unconditional love within the spirit world, which was far different to how he had lived his life here with negativity surrounding him.  He sent love and light from the spirit world to me and my extended family (his siblings). The men both said they are, “hanging out together” (in the spirit world).

In one of my other previous reading’s Jen described my friend “Sally”, as taller than me, slim, blond, with short hair, very attractive and a classy fashionable dresser. Sally said she was always watching over me and wished she had been more assertive in this life as she was shy, quiet and didn’t say anything to defend herself from people’s actions towards her. She said she wished she would have been more like me and now is reflective of the life journey she had taken here before passing over to the Spirit world. Sally said she was helping guide me in my life’s journey now, and said I may need more “alone-time” and to slow down, but in saying this was not telling me what to do but guiding me with love. Sally comes in at nearly every reading now even if just to say “hi” and steps aside to let other spirit people in to talk as my readings are only an hour long.

Sincerely, Darlene.                                                                                                                                                                        

Bobbi Jo - Calgary, AB

Saw Jen while at one of her podium demonstrations at Calgary First Spiritualist Church

I saw Jen while she was demonstrating Platform Mediumship at Calgary First Spiritualist Church a few months ago. The way she delivered the message from Spirit was very to the point and delivered with great compassion. I was very impressed with her attention to detail and her accuracy.

I have since connected with her for a personal one on one reading, she performed a one hour phone reading and again her accuracy and details was bang on ! A family friend came through and had many messages that I needed to hear. She was very to the point and very honest . She was able to describe his personality and personal situations in great detail. She was able to bring some closure as well as clarity and comfort! I would highly recommend Jen as she is truly gifted !


Bobbi Jo


From Marty - Calgary, AB

I lost my mother 9yrs ago, and up until about 4 years ago I had no communication with her, until I met Jenna.  When I met Jenna at the Gateway Centre,  I felt that I had an immediate connection with her. 
I had recently got home from traveling New Zealand and when I was introduced to her, I found that she was from there also! Not knowing what to expect, and with some scepticism, I just sat there and listened. What came next, was absolutely amazing.  She was describing my mother, (After I requested this) to a tee, through little sketches on a side piece of paper. 
Before you know it, after so many years of wondering, confusion, curiosity, and hurt I was emotional and shedding tears from the information being revealed to me.  There is NO WAY that anyone else, without knowing my mom from before, would have been able to describe her personality and mannerisms explicitly well.  
Jenna has a very kind, warming, and gentle soul/ presence. She is also extremely welcoming and reassuring when you are with her.  She has such an amazing connection with the after world and the spirits that are with in.  Since I have known Jenna, I have recommended her to several people including my closest friends, my co-workers and my wife's parents. 
Even both of them were skeptical, but after one session they both came out with reassurance and piece of mind and a lot of information to process.   Jenna has a presence about her, that is comforting, when she is relaying information from the after life. 
I have been seeing Jenna regularly now for 3 years and have never regretted any sessions.  I have taking a photo of my very first session sketches, with Jenna, describing my mom and I also found an old photograph of mom and dad..... this is why I know Jenna is the real deal.

Erica Jones - New Zealand

Skype reading with Jen

2 years ago I lost my much loved husband.  I had a Skype reading with Jen just a few weeks after his passing. Jen had never met my husband. She was so lovely to talk to, I felt very comfortable with her. She described my husband who had a distinguished walk and appearance.  She told me about butterflies and to watch for the monarch. I notice when I am down the monarch will be flying around my conservatory. I definitely felt my husband was safe in spirit and keeping me safe.





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